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ReBiz+ has deep experience working with the end users of properties including offices, houses, apartments or retail malls etc., so we know what occupiers are expecting to. Moreover, we manage a number of major developments and therefore have experience in the day to day operations of properties so we can assist in designing your properties for the most efficient management and management.

With outstanding expertise, we will work with your architects to establish the most appropriate designs, taking into account of occupiers’ needs and expectations while simplifying future management and operations and maximizing income. Although, we are not architects and cannot do the job of architects, we can assist your architects to design the most commercially feasible development within technically feasible platforms. We will help the developer to decide on building specifications, including mechanical and electrical equipment, preparation of space planning for leasing, interior decoration and provision of facilities etc.

Besides, we will also review and make recommendations on the architect designs and construction designs to find out the best structure for your development as well as the optimal percentage of each component within your development such as; the office space for lease and internal usage, retail space for lease and apartment units for sale, in order to maximize your return on investment as well as to make the future operation and management of the development as highly efficient as possible.

Within framework of development consulting services, we also provide general advice to developers regarding the process of development in Vietnam. In particular, working with our feasibility study market research team, we are able to advise on the appropriate type of development for any particular site taking into account market conditions, surrounding developments and financial returns.

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