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Strongly supported by our innovative and prescient market research and analysis, we are confident to offer in-depth financial feasibility studies using comprehensive financial models, as well as the team’s collective experience and market knowledge in different types and models of business operations to help our clients optimizing return on investment and minimizing potential risks.

We have undertaken detailed financial feasibility studies for various types of developments and projects in all sectors. Feasibility studies may help analyzing and determining the most feasible development mix, cash-flow projections, profit & loss etc., which would be useful for project-financing proposal, calling for sub-investment, comparison of development opportunities, or acquiring of vacant land for development.

At ReBiz+, we develop our own financial analysis model for each feasibility study assignment we undertake, which take into account the peculiarities of property development in Vietnam. Not only do we assess the potential income and operation costs of the development, we also project P&L as well as cash-flow statements, and define depreciations, financial leverages, as well as imposed taxes to come out with relevant financial ratios such as EBIT, EBITDA, IRR, NPV, ROE, ROA, EVA etc. to recommend the feasible levels of each investment and development opportunity.

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